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Friday, September 3, 2010

You Better Think Twice

Here are Aaron and Maggie singing "Think Twice" from These Are the Voyages. For upload purposes, it's in 3 chunks. Do see all three; it has a great finish. (You'll notice from the beginning and the end that this was a separate take, which we filmed after the show was over. Randy ran out of camcorder video memory just before their song finished!)Monika played Eugenia Friday night and I hope to get video of her as well.

Maggie plays President Eugenia of the planet Abaddon, and Aaron plays her Chief of Staff Quinlan. Somewhat like Sirens, they make their living off of aliens who come to their "pleasure planet" and then never leave. Quinlan wants to let the crew of the Enterprise go because Lt. Joelle is different - "she doesn't want to give in to temptation."

Just before the song, Eugenia says, "When have we ever let anyone go?"

(part 3 temporarily unavailable; will post asap)

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  1. The videos are great, but it was even better to BE there in person!!
    I think my grandchildren did really well- all three of them, and my daughter and son-in-law did a remarkable job with the music and the play.
    Are you going to be getting this on video??????