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Monday, April 26, 2010

Doin' the Sentimental

I pulled out my old files for two of the shows we're planning on performing for the Summer Musical Theatre Workshop (ahem, have you registered yet?) in preparation for revising and adding to the scripts. However, instead of working, I, and Aaron and Maggie, got caught up in looking at the cast photo for These are the Voyages and we all read through the cast party skit that the leaders put on at the cast party after tour.

It was wonderful fun to look at the photo and remember names and remark on how young and short everyone was compared to today. And the cast party skit -- I remember writing it on tour with some of the other leaders, but I don't remember a whole lot of the actual performance of it. Maggie did. At 6, she was too young to be in the show, but she got to come to the cast party and she remembers the skit very well.

The skit played off of all the mishaps during the tour: such as when Spock's ear fell off during his scene with McCoy and he stood there stroking it like a little mouse and ad-libbed something about falling apart; mapquest directions that got us lost a few times; hairspray-filled rooms that left us gasping (hey, it was a 60s show); the truck's loading ramp that kept getting stuck; and most of all, sunburned actors. (From this we learned to put any trips to a water park at the END of the tour! Otherwise, you might find yourselves nursing near-heatstroke victims shortly before a performance.)

It was wonderful fun, and while one might say we're just being sentimental, I do enjoy creating memories for lots of young people and their families, on an ongoing basis.

Looking forward to all the memories we'll be creating this summer.

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