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Sunday, April 4, 2010


The show was a great success! Everyone showed up on time, the sound worked well, costumes looked great, kids sang and danced and acted very well.

And people responded: they laughed at the jokes and were engaged throughout the show. Even better, Pastor John, who had asked me for a summary a few weeks ago and who had a copy of the script, used the characters and situations in the show for his sermon. Best of all, several people responded to John's altar call and gave their lives to Jesus Christ this morning!

That's one of the biggest reasons I write these shows. I know that a lot of people who would never come to church normally will come if a friend or relative's child is in a show. I also know that if they are going to pay any attention to the message in the show, the show must be entertaining, it must be well written and make sense, with engaging characters and plot lines, and it must be performed well. All that can help people be receptive to what God wants to say to them, but even if the bases are loaded, you still need one more batter to hit a homerun for all the players to come home. That's what John's sermon did today. Thanks, John.


  1. The highlight for me was either when the three adorable angels sang their song or when they rolled away the "boulder" from the tomb and let it free roll the remaining 15 feet to the side of the stage. Whee! They apparently didn't know their own strength.

    But I thought the whole thing turned out rather nicely.


  2. My favorite part of the show was when the audience finally decided it was okay to clap after the angel's song. They seemed relieved. Also, Elise Roodhouse's line at the end was a riot.