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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is my Mother-in-Law Insane?

In some cultures, sending someone a picture of a dead pet is a threat. "Ya don't wanna sleep with da fishes, do ya?"

In the world of my husband's mother, it's just a cute way to say, Happy Birthday!

That's right. In today's mail was a birthday card for Randy. On the cover is a picture of a black and white cat, drawn in pastel markers several years ago by Randy's mom. Inside, the inscription reads, "Happy Birthday -- Mona."

Mona is not the name of my MIL. Mona is the name of the cat - who died about 25 years ago.

Maggie complains that the cat's eyes are looking at her -- from beyond the grave.

For the first 4 or 5 years of our marriage, I used to get small Christmas presents from Mona. "Who is Mona?" I asked the first year, wondering if I had overlooked a relative. "Oh, she's our dead cat," the family replied.


  1. Mreoowww. *stare from beyond the grave*



  3. At least she wasn't stuffed and mounted.

  4. Awkward dead cat. 0.o

  5. What's wrong with a dead cat birthday card? Some of my best friends are dead cats.


  6. Now if it were a REAL live ( pardon the pun) dead cat, I'd be a little worried. Hey, we still talk about a family cat that my grand-mother befriended about 65 years ago. Fluffy, aka "Uffy" liked broccoli and could manipulate a door handle with her paw to come inside the house. See how easy it is to talk about a deceased animal??? *Blinks eyes*
    Just think you could tell her about Talbot and the story about having to take him to the SPCA.
    The story could go on and on and on......

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  8. And I thought our family was wierd....:)

    Needed a laugh tonight about a MIL, cuz mine is sleeping downstairs. Thanks!

    I'm still chuckling...

  9. In case anyone was wondering, the post deleted above was not deleted for impropriety. It was just my mom asking a technical question. So, nothin' to see here. Move along, move along.

  10. Your Mother was wondering...