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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Radio Shack, what happened to you?

We went to Radio Shack today to get some electronic parts for Aaron to make the beacon with. He drew up a design and figured out the lights and all that. When we got to Radio Shack, an employee showed us where the LEDs were and resistors and other little things like that. Aaron examined them all and was figuring out what he needed, but having never designed a multiple-flashing light + moving platform-all controlled by a couple of batteries and wires he was putting together himself . . . he was not quite certain if he had everything needed.

So we asked the nice Radio Shack employee for help. He came over, took one look at Aaron's assortment and froze. When Aaron asked him his question, the employee stammered out, "Uh, I don't really know much about this electronics parts stuff."

So much for the days when Radio Shack was staffed by people who knew about electronics! He'd obviously never even put together one of their kids' snap-on circuits toys. Now, they only know how to sign you up for DISH Network and cell phone plans.

Speaking of DISH Network, the entire time we were there in that parts alcove, 4 TVs featured two perky DISH Network hosts telling us the wonders of DISH Network. It reminded me of the Kurt Vonnegut story (Harrison Bergeron) in which the society tries to make everyone equal, so the smart people have to wear earphone helmets that transmit a constant stream of noise in order to break up their concentration. And Aaron was supposed to figure out electronics circuitry in this environment?!

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  1. I understand completely- about the lack of knowledge or even service in some retail stores.
    I once asked a clerk in a large fabric store about where could I find "brocade". She did not have a clue about the material. And trying to describe something to someone who has never seen nor heard of a product, and yet works in a store where the product is sold is difficult. She didn't even volunteer to find out, so the store lost a sale.
    Good luck to Aaron - maybe try a hardware store- I have found they are very helpful even if they don't sell the product.