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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hair, hair, hair

One of the things the original show was noted for was the fabulous hairstyles for the women. Here are a few pictures I've gathered.
Yeoman Janice Rand is known for her basketweave hair style. This is definitely a wig. I made one for the show we put on in 2002. I will make a new one for this show.

Here's Uhura.

Uhura Pictures, Images and Photos

And here. Her hairstyle varied a bit from time to time.

uhura Pictures, Images and Photos

Nurse Chapel changed her hair more often than anyone else. This is the soft blonde look, needing just a quarter can of hairspray.

Nurse Chapel Pictures, Images and Photos

There's another Nurse Chapel hairstyle in which her hair is steel bluish grey and looks like it was created in a welding shop instead of a hair salon! I don't think we'll be copying this one.

Nurse Chapel Pictures, Images and Photos
She looks so sad in this picture. But wouldn't you too, if you had to wear that on your head?


  1. For Lieutenant Tiffinee, our crew member from the planet Valgirl, I'm pondering one of 4 possible wigs: pink, platinum, blue, or green.

  2. I DO have a blond wig which could be loaned to you. It is sort of platinum and the hair is long- I believe there are bangs. It could be re-styled perhaps. I don't know about basket-weaving however. I believe that I was told once that I could take an advanced course in basket weaving by a certain relative...

  3. And of course there's Spock's shiney hair. He's the only guy that looks good with that cut. and those razor sharp pointy things next to his ears...the watchmacallits.
    Starfleet has a straaange dress code...

  4. A piece of trivia regarding those sideburns: they didn't know how to make the men's hair look futuristic without looking dopey, so they decided to focus on the sideburns. That's why all the Enterprise men have pointy sideburns.

  5. And their teenagers dress like Anime characters (see Court Martial to see what I'm talking about).

  6. (This is Amy)
    I have a bright green wig that I used for Return To The Forbidden Planet at EHRC. It's in good condition (just needs to be brushed), has bangs, and is roughly shoulder length. Let me know if you're interested..

    And yeah. If you think about it, their outfits/hairstyles would require so much upkeep that it's a wonder that they managed to stay alive in so many life or death situations...

    But they're the crew of the Enterprise, so it makes sense that they are still alive. They're just too epic for anyone to let them die.

    (Except fthat James Doohan and DeForest Kelley are dead... WAAAAAAAHHH!!!!)