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Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's craft project: make a Communicator!

This evening I made my first communicator, a prototype and an experiment. I have a few things I'll do differently on the next ones, but I'm still pleased with this first effort.

I started with some brass wire that I bent and straightened into the shape of a communicator. Then I used a special clay sculpting mesh to form the body. Happily, the mesh looks like the mesh screen found on the original communicators, so I left some sticking up for that.

For the body, I used black Sculpey III clay. Once you knead it for 10 minutes, it's pretty supple to work with, and since it's black, I don't have to paint it! I rolled out the sculpey and tucked it around the frame.

I need to keep the brass wire showing, however. That's part of the look.

Here's the finished product.


  1. Beam me up, Scotty

  2. did not! It died naturally.

  3. Yes, Jedi Master Girl, the screen broke off. But better to expose its weakness now than onstage. That's why we make prototypes - to see what works and what doesn't.