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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Delays Can Be Part of God's Plan

I usually have my shows written before we have our first rehearsal/ orientation. I may after auditions make some changes - add a character or two here, change the gender there, trim that part - and that's a great benefit of writing the shows I direct. I know I can always change it to suit the cast.

However, for this show, things kept coming up that slowed me down. Another commission, the printer problem, just the busyness of life driving three teen/tween homeschoolers to their not-at-home classes . . . But it was okay that I wasn't totally done, because it's a younger cast and mostly newbies, so I felt they needed time, and I needed to get to know them. Well, tonight, at the end of my second rehearsal, less than 5 minutes after I told the cast I would give them their parts next week, I got two new members of the cast. Yes, I could have said No. But I said Yes. We ran them through quick mini-audition and will see them next week.

The biggest reason I could say Yes was because frankly it's not totally done yet. I was already thinking of how to give a few lines to these two cute 2nd grade girls who are loud and can act, and one can sing as well. Since the show wasn't cemented in my head, I can still add a few small parts.

If the show had been really set in my mind, or if this had been any other bigger show, I would have had to say No, but because of the delays, God enabled me to say Yes, and two more kids get to participate in theatre ministry.

The theme of my last show was, "God causes all things to work together for good for those that love Him," and here it is in practice.

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