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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Play without Props is a Day without . . .

My husband says he thinks the real reason I write musicals is so that I have an excuse to make props.

Every one of the 15 or so musicals I have written has used lots of props -- until this Easter show. As I was re-reading it, I realized, I have no props mentioned in the script! Not that I'm looking to include them. Despite what my husband says, I don't feel compelled to make props for every show . . . it just usually happens that they need them.

As I sit in my living room, I can see three of our old props hanging out as knick-knacks. There's the fake videocamera I made for Flight 714 to Wimbleyvale on a shelf with musical scores, and the Pictish cross for The Saga of Saewyn on our mantlepiece, and finally, the 10-inch star made out of York peppermint patty wrappers. That prop is from our first show in 1999, and we bring it out every Christmas. (Somehow it didn't make it back into the box yet.)

But this Easter show will have none of that. No fake portrait of an explorer with a hamster on his shoulder, no statue of Thor, no giant 'take a number' device, no ancient stone stela, no intergalactic beacon . . .

Just a 5-foot diameter 'stone' for the angels to roll away.


  1. I remember that beacon, it was made out of hopes, prayers and LOTS of hot glue. It's always fun to say "We have a statue of Thor is our basement!" To people.

  2. Some other fun props:
    -- Freeway signs about guidance from "Where Do We Go From Here?"
    -- "Conspiracy Today" magazine for conspiracy-theory fans
    -- Rabbi Dobson's "Dare To Discipline," with picture of James Dobson on the back with a yarmulke
    -- Camel-hair "onesie" for John the Baptist at the baby shower thrown for Elizabeth
    ... and the list could go on.

    Randy West

  3. Don't forget Saewen's Axe! All little wooden men quake in fear!