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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Hair

No, that's not a question, or anything to do with Roger Daltrey.

Maggie was in a production of Seussical this last weekend, and had fun designing her Who's hairdo. Her regular hair is currently 35 inches long - almost a yard! She created this by twisting her hair and clipping it in back, and then she used bands to raise up the ends in little branches. We think it looks very Seuss-like.


  1. Hair fountain! She looks like a mishceveous Who...


  2. It was fun doing my hair like that, I only had to re-do it maybe once a show and I got a bunch of comments from people after the performances.
    Yay hair!

  3. Great hairdo, Maggie! Just think, when you are famous you can look back on that hairdo and smile!
    Grandma D

  4. Yes, she's a very mischievious Who.
    Everyone kept asking if she used pipe cleaners, or super-gel or other strange hair products.

  5. Glad you explained the hair-do, was hoping that wasn't going to be the next teen style!