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Monday, February 8, 2010

A live band is great - but they won't fit in my kitchen

We're recording a few songs for the Easter show tonight. Our set-up consists of a PC loaded with Finale, a microphone, and our voices. Finale is a music-writing program than enables you to not only write sheet music, but have your computer play it for you! The harp sounds beautiful. Randy can choose from about 300 instruments and could arrange pieces with enough parts for a complete symphony orchestra!

About 3 years ago, Finale added the ability to record voices to add to the music and then burn it to CD. Voila! A great rehearsal CD!

So, here we are, standing in our kitchen's computer nook, singing into a mic. (I'm blogging in between takes.) It takes us a lot less time than it used to; we make fewer mistakes and like studio musicians, we can read music pretty well.


  1. Plus if I suddenly burst out in uncontrolable laughter because my dad has a plastic spoon in his breast pocket; we can just delete the take and start over! (I guess you had to be there...)

  2. Actually breast pocket plastic spoons are the latest thing in men's fashion. But not recommended when recording demos.