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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scheduling Shmeduling

Sometimes it seems like scheduling is the hardest part of this ministry.

Hey, it's often the hardest part of my life. Now that homeschooled high school junior Aaron is taking classes in three non-home locations -- community college, private homeschool co-op in Kirkland, and the homeschool co-op in Edmonds --figuring out which quarterly classes he can take, plus a new driving schedule every quarter, is very challenging.

That's nothing compared to scheduling a summer theatre camp. One would think finding two weeks during the summer would be easy . . . until you factor in SATs in June, holidays, high school missions trips, junior high events, weddings, and the other theatre camp Maggie and Jeremy attend. And suddenly two little weeks becomes this great behemoth one is trying to wedge into a very tiny calendar page.

I'm not the only one to experience scheduling woes. Tonight, with only 5-1/2 weeks to performance, one of the parents suddenly realized that her child, who has a major role, will be in Mexico the day of the performance. I repeat: in Mexico the day of the performance. With all the other things happening in her life and that of her family, she forgot when Easter was. We'll find a way around it, but this is why the first thing I ask parents to do when signing up for a show is CHECK YOUR CALENDAR!

Here are two questions for you. Are you double-booked on anything? How big a role does God play in your scheduling?

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  1. I use the calendar program in OUTLOOK faithfully. Doctor appointments are orange, baseball is green, company is teal, traveling is purple, school is yellow, church is red. The kids must turn in their items to my main calendar. If it isn't on the calendar, it might not get done. It sends a reminder each morning of what is on the calendar for each day. I LOVE this program. It keeps us from double-booking and over-booking most of the time. Most, people still forget to tell me about their events. How big a role does the Lord play? Great question. We try to put Him first in our days with our quiet times and try to put His events first, over just fun or sports thing.